About us

Our team combines in-depth knowledge of organizational behaviour and mastership in arts.

For 18 years we have supported organizations all over Europe. They work in various sectors including the private and public sectors, IT, industry, finance, services, telecom, central government, health care, municipalities and universities.

Renaissance Leaders is a community of master practitioners connected by their top-level knowledge and experience. Whether they are leadership experts, artists or professors, they have all reached the peak of their profession. We also work closely with successful prestigious institutions.

Beyond that, we all share the same purpose and values:
Excel in your own profession to create impact
Lead from within to do the right thing
Be ambitious to shape a great future

Excellence - From within - Ambition



Founder Agnès Kusters worked closely with many leaders and organizations. Seeing the profound impact of their leadership journeys and encouraged by their clients, they are expanding their Renaissance Leaders activities.



After an exciting and rapid career as an executive leader, Agnès chose what really matters to her: transforming organizations by changing people’s mindsets and behaviour. She introduced new forms of leadership, creativity and sparkling collaboration. In 2003 she founded VisieScope that leads transformational leadership journeys in corporations and public authorities.

With her team, she supported thousands of leaders to develop their leadership further. She helped organizations from Adecco to the Dutch Government to design and implement their leadership strategy.

Agnès is an entrepreneur, leadership-designer, facilitator and coach, economist, business administrator, change-maker, and a volunteer at institutions that shape a better world. She is French, lives in The Netherlands, and the world is her home.

Her motto: create your future. You can dream it, you can plan it, let’s make it happen. The future is yours.

Her belief: discovery and learning never end.

What others say: she combines doing what is best with doing what is right.

Join us

Our community is growing. If you are interested in expanding the impact of Renaissance Leaders, share who you are and your experiences with us. We would be happy to be in dialogue.

Facilitator of transformation – leadership coach – Scientist – Artist – Institution